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ESC – European Shippers' Council

Be aware of Xyllella and Bursaphelenchus

Due to the increasing global trade, the contamination of certain plants and wood by certain types of insects, is spreading further. The infected plants while being moved long-distance away for planting can transmit the disease. The contamination is also transmitted by the packaging materials made of contaminated wood. (more…)

Platooning incentives for shippers

Increased reliability of the supply chain, cost reduction, and solving part of the drivers’ shortage problem are a few of the benefits that platooning can bring to shippers. (more…)

Airport slot allocation as a tool for growth

European Shippers’ Council encourages national governments to look closely into the slots allocation problem. Already now, members of the national parliaments are discussing additional criteria: sustainability, noise reduction, and an economic output of the flight. (more…)

2018 European Year of Multimodality

In this article UIRR shares with us their vision on multimodality and the importance of cooperation in the supply chain.

Transport policy has historically been approached separately, from the perspective of each different transport mode: road, rail, inland navigation, short sea shipping. The cooperative functioning, (more…)

From Maritime into Multimodal year

25th January 2018, European Shippers’ Council participated in the European Commission’s cocktail event to celebrate the achievements of the maritime year and move towards multimodal focus. The participants actively discussed the challenges of the maritime transport sector and the need to explore synergies with the other transport modes. (more…)