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ESC – European Shippers' Council

Chance for Super Trucks in Germany

Inland Transport

Eco-Kombi’s, longer and heavier vehicles, are currently not allowed in Germany. There is, however, a chance that by the end of this year, after a test with these vehicles and a positive review by the minister, Germany’s position on Eco-Kombi’s will change.


Feedback Needed on EU Mercosur Trade Negotiations

European Commission

In April 2016 the EU and Mercosur decided to start trade negotiations. In order to gain insights into the areas in which further progress is possible in the Customs and Trade Facilitation chapter with Mercosur, the EU would like to receive input from the industry and companies.


UK Wants Special Access to Single Market

European Commission

Although the UK expressed that it would not accept free movement of European workers after the Brexit, it wants to maintain access to the single market. It would thereby create a unique position of the UK in Europe.


IRU: Additional Security Measures Calais Necessary


Since the intensity of the crisis around Calais increased, the construction on a four meter high wall began this month. However, according to the International Road Transport Union (IRU) such an action is insufficient. In its letter to Prime Minister Manuel Valls, IRU stresses the necessity for additional security measures around Calais.


Judicial Decision on Retention of Hanjin Containers

Container Liner Cargo

02/09/2016 The district court in Rotterdam decided on 2 September 2016 on the preliminary proceedings TLN/FENEX, EVO, Fenedex and several other businesses applied for against ECT. Their reason for this preliminary proceedings was the high lump sum tariff ECT requested for the release of containers from the Korean carrier Hanjin, which is under court receivership.


Negotiations TTIP Failed?

International Trade

Amidst growing skeptism in EU Member States on the EU-US TTIP negotiations, German Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affair Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) stated on Sunday August 28, 2016, that after three years the negotiations on the treaty have failed. After three years of negotiation no consensus has been achieved on a consolidated text for any of the 27 chapters. On August 30, 2016, French trade minister Matthias Fekl also said that France wants the EU to stop its negotiations with the US on TTIP.